Plaines is a multimedia art group based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The aural side of the group consists of a four-piece band with a sound self-described as dream-rock; combining shoegaze sonics with an energetic delivery. The music is texturally dense, eerie and atmospheric. The visual element to this project involves a member focused on static media and a member focused on motion media including merchandise, posters, and music videos.

The project is the combination of multiple solo endeavours compiled into a continued group effort. 

Plaines have completed nationwide tours including playing support for Canadian group INTERVALS on their NZ tour, and performing with well known friends Yukon era.

“The vocals are very angelic and serene. I couldn’t understand a single word but liked the melody. On “Things You'd Make Coats Of” the band continues to showcase reverb laced serenity.” - Dan Weston for Divide & Conquer, 2018

“Plaines' new collection encompasses soaring sun-bleached dream-rock, mesmerising mantras and blissed-out dronescapes, the band's sonic creativity in lockstep with their adventurous multimedia live approach.” - UTR, 2018 

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